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What Did We Plant There Again?

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If you are like me, you are gung-ho every spring to plant your garden. You go and pick up seeds for all of the good things you want to grow and grab potting soil and starts. You watch the forecast for warmer days and get all set to go. You till the earth and pull weeds making everything just perfect. Planting day finally arrives and you get your kids or spouse to come outside and help you out. You have your early plants like peas, radishes, and lettuce that you plant outside and the rest you plant in pots which you will nurture indoors or, if you are lucky, your greenhouse. This year I got a little pop-up greenhouse which has been awesome.

If you are really organized, you have Popsicle sticks or little plastic markers that you label and stick in the ground or pots to help you remember what you planted. You are feeling really good about your efforts and can't wait till they start to grow. You check everyday and take pictures when you finally see green poking out of the soil. It's still spring, so the weather changes and there are nights you are worried it will be too cold. It rains and may even snow. But finally all of your loving effort pays off and the plants start to really take hold.

It's been a few weeks now, so you are starting to forget what you planted where and in which pot. No worries, you made labels. You go to read the labels and find them blank. But you used a permanent marker! What happened? Outside happened that's what. The writing faded or washed off and now you have no idea what is where. Some plants are easy, but others not so much. If only you had done something a little more permanent! If only you had read this article first!

Go to the thrift store and buy all of the interesting looking old silverware: knives, spoons, forks, it doesn't matter. Next find an engraver. If you don't have one, which I didn't, ask around. Maybe there is one sitting on the back shelf at your office long forgotten, that you could borrow. You will be surprised. There is someone in your group of friends who has or knows someone with an engraver. If not, you can always use a Dremel or other rotary tool. What self respecting DIYer doesn't have one of those?

Using whatever script you choose, label each piece with the name of a vegetable in your garden and use it to mark your seeds. It's permanent and Is unique. The biggest drawback is the lack of contrast between the silverware and the engraving. I tried spray painting the item and then engraving. It turned out pretty cool and was a great option.

Mystery plant problem solved! What are you waiting for? Run out to your local thrift stir and get started. Check out the video below for more details and let me know what you think in the comments.