Summer Heat and Home Warranties

The guy who flipped our house was an HVAC guy by trade. I may have mentioned that in an earlier post. He did some of the major things to the house that allowed us to buy it and do our own renovations, like adding a master bathroom and washroom. He did the roof, installed a basement bathroom, and installed a new furnace, all big ticket items. He also installed an air conditioner. The house has never had an AC. We’ve talked to the previous owners and they put a swamp cooler in the window and convinced themselves the cement block walls kept the house cool.

Last week was the first taste of summer heat and let me tell you, the walls keep the heat in! Excited that we had a brand new AC, I flipped the switch. A fan came one and air started blowing from the vents. I checked the filter. It was nasty with construction dust. Of course he chose a furnace with a non standard filter size, so after failed attempts at multiple stores we bought a replacement online. Then we noticed. The air blowing from the vents was not cold. It wasn’t hot, but it certainly was not cold.

I went outside and found the compressor to be silent and the fan still. I checked that everything was plugged in and everything had power. No dice. Luckily we asked for a home warranty when we bought the house. I submitted a claim. This was Friday evening, so of course I would not hear back from the assigned contractor until Monday. We endured the heat with fans in the window, not falling asleep until after midnight when it finally cooled enough. Monday I called the contractor when I hadn’t heard from them by early afternoon. Lo and behold, the were slammed. Everyone waits to get their unit serviced until it gets hot.

Well my unit is brand spankin’ new! I didn’t see any reason for it to get serviced. It should work perfectly! We can fit you in next Monday! Yikes! Well, if that’s the earliest you’ve got, then we will wait. We looked at the forecast. It was going to be hot all week and then cool off significantly next Monday. Of course!

Thursday rolls around and I am texting with my mom. We have a portable AC in our basement. You should just grab that. Wait, what??? How did I not know this? I’ve seen it sitting there in the closet multiple times, but it never registered. You mean I had been suffering all week for nothing? Of course we went and grabbed it.

Monday came and the AC guy showed up an hour and a half late. That’s not a big deal other than I didn’t have to leave work so early. He looks everything over and determined the wire leading out to the condenser was old and brittle. The flipper installed a brand new AC and used old wire. Figures. He replaced the wire, which was covered under the warranty and we were good to go. Just in time for summer.