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Pulled Every Which Way But Up

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We got the house ready for move in. That was the goal. It happened. But did that allow us to become more efficient and get more done? One would think so. After all, we don’t have to commute back and forth everyday. But the truth, I must say, is a bit more complicated. Living in the home requires that we unpack boxes and move furniture. Living requires that things are comfortable and not covered in dust. Living in the house has been great, don’t get me wrong. We love the location and the house’s potential but it has been hard to focus on the original project, the master bathroom.

Yesterday it was irrigation. We have two water shares with the house. For anyone who lives out west, you know what I’m talking about. For city folk, or easterners, you may not understand. Out west water is gold and that gold is used to irrigate crops, water animals, grow gardens, and survive. There are families who still don’t speak to each other after generations because of old water disputes. It’s a big deal. We were lucky to get two shares with the property. The previous owner ran pipe to every shed and outbuilding so the property is set. The problem is the water company never informed us which day they were going to turn the water on. So I got home yesterday, with full intentions of doing the pre-slope in the shower, but instead was faced with a flooding pasture and bubbling driveway. The pipe at the back of the pasture was left open for the winter to let the water drain, but the plug was nowhere to be found. And the guy who flipped the house and put in the nice concrete sidewalk and stairs just cut the PVC pipe leading to the flower beds against the house and capped it with duct tape. Yes, duct tape! So instead of mixing mud in the bathroom, I had to head down to the local Ace to buy PVC parts and get the system fixed.

On a previous day I spent the evening installing a TV antenna in the attic and adjusting it to find a signal. We happen to live at just the wrong angle to get the majority of signals. There’s a pesky little mountain in the way. Five miles further north and we would have been golden. Fortunately I kept at it and faced the antenna south, which apparently allowed me to capture the signal bouncing off the mountain behind us. We don’t get all of the OTA channels, but at least two of the major networks. I guess that will have to do.

Tonight I have full plans to do that pesky pre-slope, but I guess we will see how it goes. One day it will get done.