The goal of our restoration/remodel project is to create our forever home, but we don’t just have all the time in the world. At some point we actually have to move in to the house we are paying the mortgage on. What does that mean in real life? It means that we can’t just focus on one project. We have to make the house realistically livable so we can move in, even if that means we are sleeping on air mattresses. We are currently living 30 minutes away from the house with my incredibly awesome and accommodating parents. The commute is getting old.

The master bathroom addition is the main project, but to live in the house we have had to fix up the kitchen, drywall and paint a bedroom, and do a million other little things. My dad has been a huge help keeping the work moving forward as I run off on tangent projects.

Last weekend I tackled a massive project, sanding the wood floors to prep for refinishing. I discovered that 60 year old carpet glue is a force to be reckoned with. It will gum up sandpaper in nothing flat and will not even budge with 26 grit paper. I had to use an adhesive remover. I used Sentinel 747, which worked great. I spread it out over the affected areas and let it sit for an hour or so. And then I did what I rented a floor sander to avoid. I got down on my hands and poor knees with a belt sander and sanded the entire room by hand, carefully scraping and sweeping away the gum in between passes with the sander. Once that was finished, I slowly groaned, got to my feet, and straightened up. The floor sander completed the job with passes at grits 40, 80, 120, and 180. The floor is going to be amazing! But boy was I pooped. I rented the sander at 0700 and got home by 2400.

After all of that work, we decided we needed to be able to walk on the floor for the next few days to complete other projects. Remember, the goal is to make the house livable. We decided the public washroom needs to be completed. When we move in, we can live with one shower, but we definitely need two toilets. We have three teens and a pre-teen after all! So my job this week is to complete the washroom. I spent yesterday building the vanity. I found a dirty old board out in a shed. I cleaned it up and ran it through my new planer (Yeah!!). I suspected hard wood because of its weight, but it transformed into a beautiful board right before my eyes. You may be able to help identify the wood. I was thinking oak at first, but it feels heavier than oak. Maybe hickory?

We also found an old enamelware metal bowl for a vessel sink. I successfully cut a drain hole using a diamond bit and guide. We also decided to use some corrugated metal for the back splash. It feels weird thinking about finishes when the rest of the space is so rough, but if we want to move in, this must be done.

At times it is frustrating jumping from one project to the next. It may actually be nice to see one thing through to completion this week. Unless of course, something else comes up!