Doors, Wheels, and Headboards

What do you do when you have a box spring and mattress and no bed set? Why, you make one of course. Bed sets are expensive and then you have to worry about getting matching furniture, a dresser, end tables, dressing table, etc. Who wants to shop through huge department stores offering no interest for five years and the best deals in town? Not me!

Instead of barn wood, this time I am going to use an old five panel door. It was a free door we got from a friend. They got it off of Craigslist. If you are looking for one, I would suggest Craigslist, garage sales, swap meets, or construction areas. People tear down old houses and the stuff is just going to the dump, They are often glad for someone to take it off their hands.

One side of the door I had was covered in a seventies era wavy panel, which much to my glee, came off easily and uncovered that side of the door was unpainted. Therefore, it was easy to sand the edges and prep for finish. After two coats of polyurethane, it was ready to go. I used 2x4s to create legs that could easily be adjusted for height and screwed to any standard bed frame.

Now for the fun stuff. I purchased an old iron wheel on Craigslist which I used for the play Oklahoma. It is a great piece, but what in the world was I going to do with it afterwords? Using the door knob hole, I inserted the axle of the wheel and wired the socket from an an old lamp through the hole. I attached the wheel securely with a bolt and plugged that baby in. We have a headboard with a lamp all ready to go. Check out the video below!


2 comments on “Doors, Wheels, and Headboards
  1. sonia says:

    Unreal, after seeing you video on slate I looked up your web site and tne backboard for a bed you present IS EXACTLY WHAT I DID WITH AN OLD DOOR…
    I used a sealer for seales for wood Parket on my slate floor and its been there for 6 month, its a sligthly wet look, would like your opinion, an d what to use on exteriors, my entire house has these floors
    Thank you

  2. Lola Cepero says:

    I am in the cherry wood table from a log you posted on youtube.